Checking in! Holla Peeps!

Holla Peeps! Hopefully you’re all having a great weekend! HEYOOOO!! We’re just chillin…Watching Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. We are soooo behind. Speaking of behind, Your girl is working out. Well, not all Arnold S. or some shit like that okaaayyy? #moderation.

How do you guys feel about #Trump? I’m good with it. Hillary really thought she had it. Hell! Baby was even like “Honey, I think Hillary’s got this one. Yo! How about they’re still recounting fucking votes! Well, they were as of Friday night. I want to say that they’re done. we’ll see! #recount #Flashbacks #Bush


If you are an illegal immigrant in the US

Please…don’t riot in the streets.. Brings attention to you and your homies! Just sayin..and for God’s sake…STAY OFF OF CNN! Sheesh!!
A little advice.. Your girl..Schree..


Hollaaaa Peeepssss!!! Hope all you guys are having an awesome weekend HOLLAAAA! How about this election? Dayum! Gotta congratulate this new President Elect…Donald Trump. I think David Capell said it right on SNL..He needs to give us a chance as we need to give him a chance.. Word up! Umm, as for all the rioting in the streets that your girl predicted lol thank you. Ummm..NOT GOING! That interferes with my beauty sleep! Ladies? You feel me? Shoot. My advice? Right to your local congressman! Dag! The shit is over..Waaayyy over Peeps..Over like Rover ya heard? Ba Bye! But he has to get rid of the racist dude. Maybe he’s changed his views. However it’s a bad look for my man. I feel like he’s going to fire him. I’m not really farmiliar with dude, however, what I DO know about him, I don’t like.

Okay Peeps!!

Gonna do some studying now!! I awear I must have read 20-30 books by now..Your never done! I’ve got to get some friends together for readings! I think I can practicing on the phone with my cousin David. Mom-Mom passed this gift to us at the same time. Love you cousin.

You guys..If you need a break from all the drabness…click on the Blogtalk and listen to some shows! It’s tonge in cheek! If you are rather cheeky you will have a good time. Have fun!!

Enjoy your life “Miss Mary Jo Fisher” (My surrogate Grandmom) she always said that to me. My daddy was best friends with her brother, so, when my Mom-mom crossed over, I had my Grandmom Mary Jo Fisher right there for me. I was my mom mom’s world. I remember so much since I started studying. You know all of us are special, and all of us a born with a gift. All of us! I think it’s just that part of that part of the brain that we don’t use. When you start to study you will notice that you have been using it all the time! I told my best friends over a years. So, I guess you could say I was coming out of the psychic closet. HOLLAAAA!!! I swear I can’t one book read because I keep cross-referencing. Holla Peeps! I gotta know as much as I can! Just to live!! Will explain when we go back live!

Schree YO CHIC!!
OH! You guys! My song! “Love Lullabye” Is on Soundcloud!!!tell your friends! Lets spread the love..hollaaaa!


Chocolate Cake!!

Hollaaaa Peeps!!! Happy Ticklish Toooosday!! Hope you all had an awesome #Halloween!! Looking at my FB page it looks like everybody did. Holla! You guys, your girl went trick or treating lol…OMG It was SO FUN! We were the 3 unicorns! Baby and our close friend and neighbor gave out candy! So fun! Halloween playing on the tele hhaaaaa…Such a great movie! The music is the bomb! No matter how many times you see it too!!

You know what IS creepy? That #Robocall…Donald Trump doesn’t endorse them. Most people don’t! #WhiteNationalist #Creepy!

Now these emails, and she #Hillary is under fire regarding her seizure disorder’..It’s on my fb page y’all..Gotta feel bad for her. You can really see it when she nods her head. Hey! She deals with it. You know that shit is scary okaaayy?

there it is….