Iced Cream Donuts

HOLLAAAAA PEEEEPSSS!! Happy Sexxxy Saturday!!! Have fun! #F-U-N! I’m having my morning coffee..I did NOT make it to the gym yesterday. It’s all kinds-a rainin’. Who wants to go out in this shit? Not me! Okaaaayyy???

You know Peeps? I’m REALLY excited that Love Lullabye is on Soundcloud now..I mean, in these times, I just want to spread some love you know what I mean? Just download and tell your family and friends. Shoot. Whatever we can do you know?

Here’s the link



Smile!! We love you!!!!

Stream of Consciousness xxxooo


It’s all kinds of raining out here in the big LV! Holla Las Vegas! We don’t often get rain, however, when we do? It’s awesome! I love the lightening storms! When I am home mind you lol…NOT when I’m out. Not much for getting struck by fucking lightening. Holla.

Schree and Baby LLC Fan Page (That’s our page on FB Peeps!) Hit us up when you get a chance πŸ˜‰

Anyway..I’ll write more laterz!!
Love you guys!!!

In the Still of the Night…

Holla Peeps! Hope you all had a great weekend! It’s fucking cold man! Hate to complain while you guys on the east coast are getting slammed. But dayum! Come on sun! Makes it so much warmer. I live for Spring and Summer ha!

The sun is finally rising HOLLAAAAA!

I promised Baby that I would NOT wake her up this we shall see!

I really miss her when she’s sleeping. So prescious.

Holla at my crew! You know who you are! Love you guys! To our Peeps! We love you guys! When we cum back live, it`s going to be off the fucking chain. Do you hear me? Hollaa…,

Until Laterz


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Happy Holidays Peeps!!! Your girls are feeling pretty awesome this year.. Nobody died this year in our families!!!! Thank God! We needed a break. Holla..
However, I did find it shocking when my BFF from HS Lavince just died unexpectedly in August. Last I talked to him he was driving and was happy..He just died..No reason yet. His fiancΓ© looked me up and just told me the other day. That sux. We had plans! Oh well. God needed him up there. This incarnation was done for him. But, I don’t believe that when we shed this skin that we die. I believe that we go on and on.

We’ve decorated for Christmas! I’ll be sure to take pics for FB and Instagram heyooo!!

We love you guys!!! Thanks for your loyalty and love..We love you too!!


Desert Dweller Tips From Your Girls Schree and Baby!

Holla Peeps! After 15 years of living in the Las Vegas desert, we’ve learned so much about desert life.

1. If you are like us and have allergies, keep some black coffee on hand. Steady, slow sips to help open those bronchial tubes if you have no inhaler. Of course go to the ER as well so you can get a breathing treatment.

2. Many of us have dirt back yards. To keep down pollen and dust, get your hose, and water that dry dirt to keep the dust on the ground and out of the air. Also, I know that we have this one tree that emits much pollen! I found out the hard way! Sending thoughts and prayers to one of my students ( she’s grown up now. Looks like she’s going through the same thing.) Holla East Coast! I gotta take a trip to visit NYC! LOVE NYC! LOVE YOU VEGAS TOO! THIS MY SHIT! HOLLAAA!

MOVE TO VEGAS! IT’S FUCKING AWESOME OUT HERE!!!β– β–‘β—β™‘β™€β—‡β™§βŠ™β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

The Holidays!!!

Hollaaaaa Peeps!! Happy Holidays! For those of you who don’t like the holidays, I gotchu! Fuck the holidays πŸ˜‰ lol…Holla…If you’re spending the holidays alone, tune into some shows! You know your girls are always there for you.
S&B for life!

Just found a great documentary on Netfix! πŸ˜‰

Two Weeks in September Last Year

Kanye, I understand. My nut cracked last year! September. Ended up in the hospital. I know what it’s like to be so scared that you’re hiding behind the desk. So, keep your head up! Take your time!

It’s really fucked up Peeps! I say you haven’t lived until you’ve been paranoid because it’s the trip of all trips. Crazy. smh..The best part of losing your mind is when you get it back. Shit. If you listen to the show you can hear it happen..hhmmm yup!
Your girl