Donald Trump: A New Kind of President…

Holla Peeps! You know, Donald Trump is a new kind of President. You can already that he is a President who will get things done. I knoe l feel safer already. I like the fact that fact that he is not afraid. Signing executive orders, working his ass off. Yes, I feel pretty good about this one Peeps.
Muahs! Love you guys!

Schree! Xoxo

Broken Glass…

Holla Peeps! I’m writing this post while taking breaks to jump on my trampoline. Well, I’m not jumping high. I fell down the steps the other day. I ALWAYS wear shoes coming down the stairs as they are cherry wood. Here I had my booties on my feet. First step then. WHOOOOOAAAHHHHHH! 14 steps. lol…I just couldn’t stop. It was funny actually, aside from the bruises on my back. I feel like I got into a car wreck.

Maaan I can’t wait til we go back live! Should be soon Peeps! We would never leave you high and dry. You know that.


Ham Steak

Holla Peeps! I know, I know.. I’ve reverted to my old style of blogging where the title has nothing to do with the body lol.. Just want to bid you all good day!! 🙂

Wax on..Wax Off..

Holla Peeps!!! I love Sundays…At home with Baby..She of course is watching football..Well, she actually ran out to get some football food..

Pizza and Subway! I love Subway. They’ll pit your bread too. All you have to do is tell them.

I just started this OJ Simpson documentary on ID Channel. Hmmm his son Jason does look like him! He wore the same knit cap as was found at the crime scene. I remember that day like it was yesterday. They fucked up with the glove and with Furhman. BAM …doubt…smh..

Anyway..I’ll probably check out some docs, work on some lyrics, check in with you guys in a while. HOLLAAAA!!
Love y’as!

#March 123

Holla Peeps! WTF with these anti Trump marches all day and night? You know they are tired as hell too. Right to assembly! I really hope that his advisors do their jobs and keep him off of Twitter # GoodLord