Candle Wax…

Holla Peeps! Happy Sexy Saturday! Keep it sexy all day long. I know I am! I told Baby I want me some HOLLAAAA! #Romance :-)…Code name for S E X…See, when you’re out you can say..”Honey, aftfer dinner, let’s have some “romance”. (air quotes optional) ha. I think that ISIS could do for some romance instead of terrorism. Go and get a girlfriend and stop killing people. As Donald said. “Stop it”. Wait.. THE Donald. My bad holla.

He’s no pussy I’ll tell you that! Someone evem tries to fuck with the USA that’s it. It’s on. As it should be! Here the United States is always there for every other fucking country!! It’s time for America to receive and not lend and lend and lend what the fucking fuck? Donald is tough. We needed a tough President. Hillary just wasn’t tough enough.

With that my beautify Peeps… I will write more in a while..LOVE YOU GUYS!
xoxoxo <3 #love #fun Schree


Holla Peeps! My readers…I value your comments. I’m really glad that you are enjoying the site!! You know…Pretty soon everyone is going to get #Politicked soon lol…Tire of all the bullshit and let the man (Trump) do his job. Of course we the people are not going to agree on everything! However, we have to remember, her works for US! He’s our bitch if you will haaa…

Stream of Consciousness….

Holla Peeps! Happy Manic Monday hollaaaa! Hope you all are having an awesome day! Make happiness be your choice. If someone comes at you with thegative shit tell em.. ” look, my day is good. Bye Felicia” and keep it moving holla. MUAH!

Chest Hair…

Hollaaaa Peepsss!! Cheers to one and all!! TGIF!!! You got to get your party on! Holla! You guys, I have been working on my music as well as my metaphysical studies. I know I could just say “Psychic”…However, that’s a blanket term. I have found it to be a blanket over a bunch of subs. I know my Mom-Mom and my Daddy are glad I am taking this on. You guys know my Mom Mom was a very powerful psychic. She passed it on to me so now here we go. It started on the air too! So grateful to our fans, my Baby!!! Thank you for staying with me lol. I know it’s very creepy. Holla! Peeps! If you hang out with me you will have a supernatural experience it’s crazy! lol..It’s so fun. and YES ! I am in touch with my spirit guides! OMG! The only way I can describe it is “far out”. I HAVE to thank Psychic Angela for the head’s up regarding this ride. Dayum she was right. I don’t think I’ll do readings though. I just want to learn how to live a healthy psychic life. If you’re a listener of the show, I know we knew this day was coming. I cam out to my crew over a year ago as psychic, so they know, but, I wanted to tell you guys too! We’ll talk more about it when we come back live…lol awwww shit! holla…hm.

AAAnyway my loves..I’m clearing off the DVR.. Watching Dr.Phil. My favorite egghead. 🙂

Until Laterz!!


Hollaaa Peeps! Happy Valentine”s Day to one and all!! Baby and I have had a really romantic day. I hope you all have someone to love this year. I know it sux for some of you. Just go and listen to some of our archives..cheer up! Have some laughs. We’ll be back live soon!!!


American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson

Holla Peeps! Watching the netflix series about the OJ case. I’ve gotten Baby into it. It’ s really interesting. It’s akin to watching it in 3D you know? Especially with the Furhman part. They went all out! John Travolta and David Schwimmer are in there! Love them. Cuba Gooding Jr. Check it out if you havent! Muah!