Casey Anthony!

OMG what about this Casey Anothy series on ID. This bitch knows she killed that baby. smdh So cute! Anyway Baby and I will be watching. I will be tweeting live so follow us! You know I gotta keep it real! Tonge and cheek NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT SO FUCKTHAT.. we’re all too dayumed serious these days. All the war all the marching. It’s too much! shit!
Until ioves

Holla Holla Holla!

Holla Peeps! Baby’got these crazy looking muffins rising muffins rising in the kitchen. Okay, I should totally take a pic for our Twitter page. Too funny watching them rise. So good how they taste. Gonna try not to eat them.

Baby’s food is so yummy, however, but, it’s but’s it’s that “feel good, tasty food you feel me? Yes YesTexas! Food is good!

Love you guys! Gonna watch this show about Casey Anthony. What an asshole. How can anyone can anyone hurt a child. Makes me sick.

Until Laters my loves! xoxo