Candle Wax…

Holla Peeps! Happy Sexy Saturday! Keep it sexy all day long. I know I am! I told Baby I want me some HOLLAAAA! #Romance :-)…Code name for S E X…See, when you’re out you can say..”Honey, aftfer dinner, let’s have some “romance”. (air quotes optional) ha. I think that ISIS could do for some romance instead of terrorism. Go and get a girlfriend and stop killing people. As Donald said. “Stop it”. Wait.. THE Donald. My bad holla.

He’s no pussy I’ll tell you that! Someone evem tries to fuck with the USA that’s it. It’s on. As it should be! Here the United States is always there for every other fucking country!! It’s time for America to receive and not lend and lend and lend what the fucking fuck? Donald is tough. We needed a tough President. Hillary just wasn’t tough enough.

With that my beautify Peeps… I will write more in a while..LOVE YOU GUYS!
xoxoxo <3 #love #fun Schree

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