Soft Pretzels

Holla Peeps! Happy Sexxy Saturday!!! Make it a Great One! It’s YOURS!!! 🙂 I’m so delighted! Ha. Delighted…Delighted and excited! Baby is totally so much better! I know it was all of your thoughts, prayers and good vibes holla. I think you will be surprised at your girls nursing skills! When Baby was finally ready to eat she wanted Kraft mac n cheese…took me like 30 minutes to make it holla… smdh. it was good though! That was the night we took the pics! Baby is the cutest ever I swear.. I’m finally able to sleep a llttle bit I was so excited I put it on my FB?Twitter pages ha. This app is so kool. Keeps track of all your stats and sends them to your phone! It’s totally free everybody should get it. It monitors your steps and sleep patterns and everything.

oohh I want an app! A Schree and Baby game! Hollaaaa! Yo En Silence hit me up! My man on the electronics. You guys. I’m in charge if the website now so.. lol I know shut up lolol.
Until laterz..

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