Green Tea with

Holla Peeps! Happy Freaky Friday! Make a GREAT ONE, IT’S YOURS! ALL DAY AND NIGHT!!! holla..I FINALLY taught myself how to get the pics off my computer to put over over here. I know you were bored with same ole pictures! Hopefully this add a little more pizzaz to the place.

I swear the news has been so depressing these days! I have to say. I could have not picked a better time to take some time off. Can you imagine the trouble we would be in right now? lol… whew! Trump actually has a fucking TEAM and all they do all day and night is their job to find people on radio alone, to find out who is talking shit about him. lol.

He needs to not worry about that. Don’T even listen to the news. Just do your job. That’s it. No Twitter. Nothing. Just the job of being President.

The media does need to fall back and let the man work too. I’m not saying that the media hasn’t better a lil crazy. lol How funny was it when Donald pushed that man at that world wild summit or whatever it was called..cracked me up!

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