Our 21st Anniversary!!

Peeps! Baby and I spent our 21st Anniversary up on Mount Charleston. Sooooo romantic. Wh lov our waitress up there and the view is just epic. Totally awesomme. When you live in Vegas, you totally have to get out the heat at some point you have get away. Whew! It’s 7:48am and you can feel, and I am out back and under then umbrellla! Say whaaat? Oh no. It’s going to be a scorcher this summer. I myself, I use sunscreen! Like 100 something I am not playin! Bob Marley died from skin cancer. Not trying to get it. OYM listeners you already know. We cannot wait to go live aagain! I think it will be soon. We have business stuff going on that we cant talk about and you we share our whole lives with you so when we can, we will. MUA! LOVE YOU!


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