Heyooo! Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

Holla Peeps! I’m chillin. Catching up on my shows. I love me some On Demand! I’m watching The Perfect Suspect on ID Channel. Oxygen and ID Channel. They are the shit. Snapped is a great show too! Love Old girl’s voice! Anyway, on this episode of The Perfect Suspect, this woman’s boyfriend went missing. She said she asked God to show her where he was. She said she saw water, and told the cops they should look in water. They did and HEYYYY! THERE HE WAS!… She is saying it was a mistake helping them. Hmm. We’ll see what happens. Okay, well the woman who helped the cops ended up doing like 7 years or something like that. This dude came forward and admitted to killing her boyfriend. Dayummm… That sux! She has one leg too.. That’s hard. Dude said it wasn’t right that she was doing time for his crime. She said that if he hadn’t come forward that she would still be in jail/prison. True! Hey! If you are into Netflix, check out Time..the Kalif Browder story. I won’t spoil it for you. Just check it out. If you are already familiar with the story, you know how fucked up it was. Makes you wonder how many Kalif(s) there are out there. I’m sure there are many. Hopefully this doc. will help bring light to the isssue. Anyway Peeps, I will be posting more laterz xoxo S!

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