Bio for Baby

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Baby’s Bio

bio-baby2Baby is an adorable, practical and charismatic strong white southern girl from a small town outside of Dallas, Texas and grew up a strict southern Baptist.

Baby is a straight-up kind of woman with a pull-no-punches practical attitude.

Her viewpoint is honest and refreshing.


Baby was raised on a ranch, helping her dad work on the ranch. Baby’s hometown, a small town outside of Dallas, TX consisted of 2-stop lights! After graduating from college, Baby became a 4th grade school teacher and a published author. Schree often describes Baby as Archie Bunker, a title which Baby wears proudly. Baby does NO WRONG in Schree’s eyes and can get away with saying things to Schree’ that no one else would get away with.


Fun Facts…

  • Nicknames: The Baby, Lil Toot, Squirt
Heroes: MYSELF!!!!!!! When you are perfect it is kinda hard to admire someone else!!!!! HOLLA
  • Describes Self as: adorable, loyal, kind (to those I love), Funny, Straight-up, Ignorant as hell, NOTHING to mess with, ARCHIE BUNKER to a tee!
  • Daily Necessities: To wake up is always nice, My time with, My smokes, My Coke, Toilet paper (gotta have a clean ass), gum (gotta have fresh breath)
  • Likes: Spending time with (Schree), watching the sunset, cooking, peace and quiet, grilling in the backyard, football
  • Dislikes: Pregos that show there big ole baby belly with the belly button about to bust, lying piece of shit people, loud ass kids in the supermarket (Or anywhere for that matter), lazy fucks who don’t pick up their dog’s shit, When  Schree leaves the screen door open and the flies come in!!!
  • Hobbies: Wild sex with Schree, tennis, fishing, writing, traveling, bowling
  • Favorite Quote: “It is better to be an hour early than a minute late!”
  • Favorite Saying: “Smile and the world smiles with you…fart and you stand alone!”
  • Years in radio: 13 years