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What are fans are saying, we love our fans!

Below is a little of what the fans are saying about Schree and Baby. Drop us a line and let us know what you think!

Hello gals, I listen to you every night here in NY state. You two make me laugh so much. My gal and I (we are a couple m/f) and she is bi-female and we have explored alot and are cool with what feels good. I just wanted to say you both make our evening. Some of the stuff you both come up with is off the charts. You make HOWARD hold his ears. I intend to tell a zillion people I know online about your show. Keep it wet gals.

I’m a new listener and happened upon the show while just searching for something funny to listen to at work. Shree & Baby, I love this show, it’s the show I’ve been looking for for a long time. Something consistent, funny, and more importantly, done by people who ARE ABOUT SOMETHING. You two are an inspiration.

That whole “roommate” thing was classic. It’s surprising how many doofbags (bags of doof) still exist out there. 😛 I wish to thank you both for what you do.

OMG! Schree & Baby…Ladies, I have to thank you for the most marvelous morning I have spent in FOREVER! I just found your radio show (thanks to Lucy at the Stream) and have never been more entertained in my entire life. No shit! I have listened to the archives and found myself smiling like I haven’t done since my wedding night back in August. Ah hell, to be honest, my wedding night was NOT as much fun as this, lol.

I proclaim that the two of you Rock! You Roll! You Rule! AND… you are definitely the DIVINE DIVAS of TALK RADIO! I am definitely a fan now!

I’ve been listening to your show’s archives, and loving every minute of it! I will definitely have to listen to a live show on Monday. I’m really glad that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Schree and Baby. I just love your humor!

I think it is so good of you to want to aid the Katrina-Storm-Hell-Situation with special toys. Your gyno-activism is so very Christian and voodoo, too. You two are “nasty” but kind — kind gets lots of mileage with me.

Hey you sexy thangs! I am new to listening to your show cuz I suck and didnt find it sooner…haha But all is well now. I listened the other day to a chat you had with Chelsia from bb9 and was just LMAO the whole time. You guys are awesome!! Thanks for the entertainment!!! You guys totally rock!!

You ladies are awesome and the show last night was great as usual. You two crack me up every time. I loved that Josh said he climbed a tree just to get reception to be in the show. Peace and love and may the trucker talk never end! 😉

Your brutal honesty and bad language and balls to the wall views on life is what attracted me to u two!

I was in love within the first 5 min I heard u guys lol I swear u must be my long lost sisters cause i sound just like u lmfao