About Schree and Baby

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  • 6 years ago

What can we say about these two lovely ladies? A lot!  Schree and Baby have been together for over 18 years, and while these two are total opposites, their love and relationship is endearing, engaging, and also pretty comical!

Come and meet Schree and Baby as you listen to a day in the their life “behind the mic for the world to hear”, no holds barred, and anything goes. Bring an open-mind and a sense of humor and join Schree and Baby as they share their lives, viewpoints and take calls from the fans to discuss whatever is ON YOUR MIND! No subject is taboo! Schree and Baby really know how to mix it up with their own brand of irreverent humor.

“Yin and Yang meets the Odd Couple!”

Schree and Baby have been in the entertainment and radio talk show business for quite a few years now and are not new to internet talk radio scene.  Schree and Baby are a dynamic duo completely in love and that shows in everything they do and totally comes across on their show!



Schree is a hilarious and beautiful strong black woman from the north, growing up in Wilmington, Delaware as a devout Catholic.  Schree is very open minded, brutally honest, extremely curious and always eager to meet new people and try new things. The world of Schree is a very colorful world to say the least!  With Schree, nothing is off limits!

Schree is a born performer and started acting when she was a child and sang in supper clubs and at baseball games back in her hometown of Wilmington, Delaware upon graduation from college. Schree can be seen in L. L. Cool J’s “Out of Sync” and Phylicia Rashaad‘s “Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored.” Schree also played an FBI agent in Sandra Bullocks‘s “Miss Congeniality 2“. Her television work has consisted of an HBO special “Autopsy”, CSI, and Las Vegas.

“Schree and Baby are a dynamic duo completely in love and that shows in everything they do and totally comes across on their show!”


Baby is an adorable, practical and charismatic strong white southern lady from a small town outside of Dallas, Texas and grew up a strict southern Baptist. Baby is a straight-up kind of woman with a pull-no-punches practical attitude. Her viewpoint is honest and refreshing.

Baby was raised on a ranch, helping her dad work on the ranch. Baby’s hometown, a small town outside of Dallas, TX consisted of 2-stop lights! After graduating from college, Baby became a 4th grade school teacher and a published author. Schree often describes Baby as Archie Bunker, a title which Baby wears proudly. Baby does NO WRONG in Schree’s eyes and can get away with saying things to Schree’ that no one else would get away with.