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I love Baby so much. I still feel bad about putting that vidio out. I thought it was adorabl. Your rite Doc. ” love your. Love. And boy have
I. My love for Baby for Baby gets stronger every day. I’m so happy the Big Man brought us together. Oh! Guess what my loves! Looks like we”ll we will be back on the air soon! Once Baby can sit up staight
for 2hours at a time ya know? I know how lower back pain feels like! That shit is no joke! Our show is very high enery. Yes it’s killing us not being live right now believe us! But. Sometimes I just gotta be a wife. Very soon 😍😎😘😚😙😉

That Beaing Said..

Holla Peeps! Cheers! Baby took your girl on a surprise trip to the mounains you guys! To the hot tubs. Felt so good. I so needed it. After I fucked up the website lol. Thank God for my crew. Love them. Should be up really soon. So, yous can still listen to the archives show archives on bogtalk radio just plus ups in and you will led to our station there. Holla Blogtalk!


Casey Anthony!

OMG what about this Casey Anothy series on ID. This bitch knows she killed that baby. smdh So cute! Anyway Baby and I will be watching. I will be tweeting live so follow us! You know I gotta keep it real! Tonge and cheek NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT SO FUCKTHAT.. we’re all too dayumed serious these days. All the war all the marching. It’s too much! shit!
Until ioves

Holla Holla Holla!

Holla Peeps! Baby’got these crazy looking muffins rising muffins rising in the kitchen. Okay, I should totally take a pic for our Twitter page. Too funny watching them rise. So good how they taste. Gonna try not to eat them.

Baby’s food is so yummy, however, but, it’s but’s it’s that “feel good, tasty food you feel me? Yes YesTexas! Food is good!


Love you guys! Gonna watch this show about Casey Anthony. What an asshole. How can anyone can anyone hurt a child. Makes me sick.

Until Laters my loves! xoxo

Soft Pretzels

Holla Peeps! Happy Sexxy Saturday!!! Make it a Great One! It’s YOURS!!! 🙂 I’m so delighted! Ha. Delighted…Delighted and excited! Baby is totally so much better! I know it was all of your thoughts, prayers and good vibes holla. I think you will be surprised at your girls nursing skills! When Baby was finally ready to eat she wanted Kraft mac n cheese…took me like 30 minutes to make it holla… smdh. it was good though! That was the night we took the pics! Baby is the cutest ever I swear.. I’m finally able to sleep a llttle bit I was so excited I put it on my FB?Twitter pages ha. This app is so kool. Keeps track of all your stats and sends them to your phone! It’s totally free everybody should get it. It monitors your steps and sleep patterns and everything.

oohh I want an app! A Schree and Baby game! Hollaaaa! Yo En Silence hit me up! My man on the electronics. You guys. I’m in charge if the website now so.. lol I know shut up lolol.
Until laterz..

Remote Control….

Holla everyone! Your girl is watching #CNN ooohhh this is too juicy.
Do we the the people really need to know about all this? We know we can trust our President. You may say ” Schree you’ blach female and lesbian! Why the hell are you for Trump. He believes in hard work. He alwants EVERY ONE TO LIVE WELL!` MORE BOSSES. I KNOW THAT AS YOU READ THIS THINK ABOUT YOUR PASSION THEN DO IT! MAKE IT HAPPEN! LOVE YOU!



I really need to eat healthier. No more JUNK.


Shout out to all my friends on social media muah
Until laterz!